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Center for Advanced Materials Technology


+ Composite Materials Technology Department:
Head: Tuong Thi Nguyet Anh, M.E.
Deputy Head: Do Viet Hung, Eng.
Tel: +84-4-38545191
+ Material & Environment Fusion Technology Department:
Head: Chu Xuan Quang, PhD.
Tel.: +84-4-35544821

Functions and tasks

1. Functions: Center for Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) was established in 2002 as goverment research center, belonged to National Center for Technological Progress (NACENTECH). AMT had a dozen of years experience with the function of demand-driven R&D organization to develop cutting-edge technologies in the area of advanced material and environmental engineering.

2. Tasks:
+ Research and application of scientific and technical progress on the field of materials and environmental technologies in production chain and life.
+ Carrying out R&D projects for creating tangible results in form of prot.

Research fields and Technology development

- AMT currently is a group of outstanding research scientists (with 02 PhD., 01 M.E., 02 PhD candidates) and technicians with rich experience on material and environmental technology
- The center fundamentally has a series of functional laboratories equipped by modern facilities at C6 Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi, including: mechanical testing equipments, lab- and onsite- analytical equipment for determining physicochemical and biological parameters in water/wastewater and atmosphere.  In addition, we also have a workshop with area of 5.000 m2 located at Ban Town, Hung Yen Province for implementing our own successful technologies on pilot-scale and semi-industrial manufacture.
otypes and technology transfer on the field of medical, civil, security-denfense, energy and environmental protection..


a) Awards:
- Third Prize Awards (2008) and Second Prize  Awards (2012) from Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations (VIFOTEC);

b) Patents:
-  Vietnam Patent No. 5673, issued in 2006.
-  Vietnam Patent No. 10568, issued in 2012

c) Publications (2008- now)
- 05 international scientific papers (SCI & SCIE);
- More than 15 domestic scientific papers and proceedings



1. Domestic: Hanoi University of Science - VNU, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Institute of Environmental Technology - VAST, Hanoi Sewerage and Drainage Limited Company,...

2. International: South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia,...


- Address:
Center for Advanced Materials Technology – National Center for Technological Progress, Ministry of Science and Technology
2nd Floor, C6 Building, Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
- Tel. (international incoming call): +84-4-3554 5023; Fax: +84-4-38549412
- Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it