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Department of Investment management and Project development


Name: Department of Investment management and Project development
Organizational Structure:
- Board of Directors
- Financial Management Division
- Development Cooperation Division
- Project Management Division


- A non-productive organization having income, under National Center of Technological Progress (Nacentech), having legal status, seal, being opened an account for transaction.
- Being able to sign economic contracts for scientific and technological services with organizations and individuals as prescribed. As a focal point of transactions and to coordinate seeking, mobilize funding, financial support and investment for Nacentech’s projects.
- Organizing and participating in activities of conference, talks, calling for investment, for Science and Technology propaganda, investment and cooperation.
- Managing key projects of the Institute (Nacentech). Support the President to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects.
- Managing infrastructure and machines, equipment for building pilot models connecting researchers with market, infrastructure to serve science and technology application to create the products of high commercial value.
- Advising the Institute Leadership of the management plan and operating projects in order to maximize internal and outside resources of the Institute. Performing tasks assigned by the President..

Science and technology potential

- Human Resources: Center for Experimental Biology has 22 employees in which more than 40% has post-graduate degrees. The researchers have wealth of experience in RD in biotechnology .
- Facilities: The Center has 01 Bio-environmental Laboratory reached the standard ISO17025, Laboratory for analysising plant products with modern equipments as AAS, GC, IC, UV-Vis ..., Laboratory for molecular biology and other devices serving plant tissue culture, preservation and propagation of microalgae/microorganisms,....


- Chairing establishment of investment projects for research, application development and technology transfer centers.
- Chairing and coordinating with units inside and outside the Institute implementing investment projects of equipment for key Laboratory of the Institute: Photonics Laboratory, Laboratory for Digital Signal Processing, Laboratory for high technology Biomedical Application Development; Strengthening research capacity and equipment for Laboratory of testing plant crops products, Laboratory of Biology, Laboratory of Laser in the field of Industry and Medical, Microelectronics, Environmental materials, Application Optoelectronics.
- Participating in collaboration work, looking for fundings from domestic and foreign organizations: Project of Technology Nursery in Nacentech funded by the Kingdom of Belgium, Project of Protocol Cooperation between the Institute and Sumitomo Electric Industry in the field of intelligent transport system. Other projects of international cooperation and technology transfer ...


- Headquarters: 25 Le Thanh Tong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
- Phone:  (84-4) 3933 5445
- Fax:      (84-4) 3933 0267