Ngày/Day: 29Month/JanuaryNăm/Year: 2020

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Nacentech received the second-grade labor medal

Incorporated in 1984, NACENTECH’s mission is to study and apply the high and new technology in the fields of optoelectronic, laser, micro-electronic, informatics, materials and biology by acquiring, mastering and renovating imported modern technologies and conducting pilot production of stereotype from such technologies. NACENTECH also launched the technology transfer activities, technical services and minor production of products towards goods orientation and technology creativeness in the above fields. Its study outcomes timely satisfy many practical and urgent requirements of the society.

Total annual revenue of NACENTECH obtained about 20-30 billion VND, mainly from optoelectronics, micro-electric and material fields, especially thousands of laser treatment and operation devices, treatment device of using skin-based nerve excitation current pulses, galvanopuncture, etc., widely used nationwide./.