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Nacentech received the First-Grade Labor Medal

On 18th October 2014, the 30th Anniversary Ceremony was held to celebrate and award the First-Grade Labor Medal by NACENTECH

Participants into the Ceremony included the Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh, leadership representatives of some units under the Ministry of Science and Technology; delegates from Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Health and some localities cooperating with NACENTECH in the past time; the employee generations who have been working at NACENTECH

National Institute for Technology Research (former of NACENTECH) was established on 16th November 1984. Through 30 years of history and development, thanks to the great concern of the Party, the State, Ministry of Science and Technology, NACENTECH has successfully overcome a series of difficulties, obtained many achievements in science and technology research and application, making the practical contributions to the socio-economic development, ensuring the national defense and security.

At the ceremony, on behalf of the leaders from Ministry of Science and Technology, the Minister Nguyen Quan congratulated the collective, leaders and officials of NACENTECH for their important achievements during 30 years of history and development. The minister expressed the expectation that with 30 years of experience and extensive achievements in applied researches NACENTECH shall successfully maintain the position as the prestigious science and technology organization among the applied research institutions of Vietnam in coming time.


With the great contributions in nation development and protection, NACENTECH was honored to be awarded with the First-Grade Labor Medal. This was the great pride for all officials and employees of NACENTECH, the remarkable drive for NACENTECH to continue contributing the outstanding applied works for life, socio-economic.

On the occasion of 30th anniversary, the Prime Minister offered the Certificate of Merit to Experimental Biology Center for series of achievements, contributing to the socialism development and national protection. The Minister awarded the Certificate of Merit to the collectives and individuals who made great contributions to NACENTECH’s development, facilitating the science and technology development; the Minister offered the campaign medal “For scientific and technology career” to the individuals who made great contributions to the science and technology development. The General Director of NACENTECH offered the Certificate of Merit to 10 individuals with great achievements in the movement on the occasion of 30th anniversary

The 2012 Kovalevskaia Prize of female scientist

The 2012 Kovalevskaia Award Ceremony was held for outstanding collective and female scientist on the morning of 4th March in Hanoi. It included Collectives of Female Scientists from Center for Experimental Biology, National Center for Technological Progress (NACENTECH) under the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ass.Prf.Dr. Bach Khanh Hoa, former Head of Screening Test Department, National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

With applied research orientation, the officials of the Center for Experimental Biology released the practical products for the daily life such as: capsule, tablet, Spirulina granule, microorganism products for organic waste treatment, instant nutrition powder, etc

Collective of Female Scientists from Center for Experimental Biology

Nearly 20 years ago, the Center for Experimental Biology launched the technology research on producing bio-products from Microalgae source to serve the human and animal nutrition. The project investigated to use Spirulina algae for human in the form of algae tablet to support the cancer radiation therapy and Lina nutrition granule product to the child nutrition recovery. Accordingly, in 2008, the Ministerial-level pilot production project titled “production of some rich nutrient and bioactive products (tablet, capsule and granule) originated from Spirulina algae” was launched to produce Spirulina algae-originated tablets, capsules and granules to apply the research outcomes into practice, satisfying the product consumption demand with stable quality and reasonable price. Such products were issued with the Standard Certificate of Vietnam Food Administration Agency (VFA) under the Ministry of Health.

Recently, the Center was often awarded with a series of success from research works such as: Some biological solutions in environmental treatment, study on releasing agricultural waste treatment product by micro-organisms technology to produce organic fertilizer in Thanh Nguyen commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. The Center’s researchers are now studying and searching to release many useful products for the society.

Ass.Prf. Doctor Bach Khanh Hoa, former Head of Screening Test Department, National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, is the scientist with a series of scientific works to be applied in life to help thousands of patients escape from the dead. She has involved in many useful studies for Vietnamese Health Industry such as: research on neutral erythrocyte, platelet and leukocyte antibodies to support the increasingly effective treatment; research and application of new techniques in screening blood transfusion infection diseases to obtain clean blood for treatment performance. She also involved in training and guiding the doctors, nurses and officials from many provinces and cities in Vietnam regarding HIV/AIDS prevention technique.

The Kovalevskaia Prize was named under brilliant Russian Female Mathematical Scientist in the 19th Century, Sophia Kovalevskaia. The prize aimed to praise, encourage and drive the scientific research activities of women in developing countries under the form of prize award to outstanding female scientists in the natural science field. In the past 28 years, Vietnam Kovalevskaia Prize Committee offered 39 personal prizes and 16 collective prizes to the outstanding female scientist collectives in the natural science and application fields.

News, photos: BY THU HIEN

(According to Online People’s Military Newspaper)

Nacentech received the second-grade labor medal

Incorporated in 1984, NACENTECH’s mission is to study and apply the high and new technology in the fields of optoelectronic, laser, micro-electronic, informatics, materials and biology by acquiring, mastering and renovating imported modern technologies and conducting pilot production of stereotype from such technologies. NACENTECH also launched the technology transfer activities, technical services and minor production of products towards goods orientation and technology creativeness in the above fields. Its study outcomes timely satisfy many practical and urgent requirements of the society.

Total annual revenue of NACENTECH obtained about 20-30 billion VND, mainly from optoelectronics, micro-electric and material fields, especially thousands of laser treatment and operation devices, treatment device of using skin-based nerve excitation current pulses, galvanopuncture, etc., widely used nationwide./.

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