Centre for optoelectronics



a)Functions: 1. Centre for Optoelectronics (hereinafter referred as Center) is a public scientific and technology agency under National Center for Technological Progress (Nacentech) – Ministry of Science and Technology which assists the Director to implement the functions of researching, training, applying high technologies in production and life, new optoelectronics and infrared technologies.
International name is: Center for Optoelectronics (CFOC).
2. The Centre performs self-control and self- responsibility constitution for a public organization of science and technology established under the provisions of Decree No. 115/2005 / ND-CP in September 5th, 2005 of the Government and the other provisions of the law.
3. The Centre has legal status, the own seal and the right to open account in local  and foreign currency at Vietnam State Treasury and banks to operate and trade under the provisions of the Law. The Center’s headquarter is in C6 Building, Thanh Xuan Bac, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.

1. Researching, developing and  submitting to competent authorities for approval of strategies, programs, plans, projects, long-term plans, five-year and annual plans in optoelectronics and infrared fields, organizing the implementation after being approved by competent authorities.
2. Researching, training, developing applications and transferring technologies in the fields specified in Paragraph 1 Article 1 of this Charter in production and life, including: thin-film technology, optical electromechanical systems , optical-photon sensor, 2D and 3D image processing, infrared technology, civil service, industry and security - defense.
3. Educating, training, cultivating to improve professional ability for specialities under functions and tasks of the Centre according to the assignment of Nacentech and under the provisions of the Law.
4. Cooperating in scientific research, joint-venture, direct investment and technological development with domestic and foreign individual and organizations within assigned functions and tasks under the provisions of the Law.
5. Producing, trading, providing services within the scope of assigned functions and tasks in accordance with the provisions of the Law, including:
a) Testing, evaluating quality of products, equipment and technologies under business lines;
b) Consulting, designing, conducting scientific and technology research, providing technical solutions, producing test products;
c) Providing laboratory services, measurement, testing;
d) Transferring technologies and technical solutions;
đ) Products are research results, materials, spare parts;
g) Machines, equipments, software, technology lines operating under scientific and technological fields of the Centre.
6. Participating in technological survey, appraisal and assessment in optoelectrics and infrared fields under the provisions of the Law; . Participating in researching and developing regulations for evaluation, acceptance, application and publication of scientific research and technological development results within the assigned functions and tasks.
7. Administering officials, employees, assets and documents of the Centre as assigned by the National Center and under the provisions of the Law.
8. Performing other tasks as assigned by Director;

Power of the Center

- Human Resources: 32 staffs, 01 PhD, 07 Masters, 22 Engineers-Graduates, 02 Technicians.
Majors: Engineering physics, engineering chemistry, material science, Optics-Mechatronics, Thin film technology, Information technology, Economics-Finance, Scientific management.
- Facilities: Advanced PVD coated equipment system (Ebeam evaporation, IAD, Pulsed DC & RF sputtering, Vacuum Arc, etc.); featured thin-film measured equipments (UV-VIS spectrophotometer, FT / IR, hardness, surface resistance); other Optoelectronics equipments for measurement, etc.
- Strength: Thin film technology, optoelectronics system design-manufacture in visible and infrared light zone, 2D and 3D image processing technology, vacuum technology.
-  Infrared sources manufacturing technology.
- Technology and simulation equipments based on optoelectronics technology and engineering.
- Business, application and transfer scope: hard/thin film coating technology, vacuum-metalizing technology, remote printing system, 2D and 3D image processing technology.
- Improving, manufacturing new near-infrared specialized television optical systems serving antiaircraft rocket control system
- Manufacturing and supplying Optoelectronics equipments for training security and defense: shooting equipment for training in daytime and nighttime, armored-tank training equipment, specialized observation system, etc.
- Other specialized technology and electronic equipments for measurement, inspection, automatic control, environmental field
- Research projects (during the last 5 years): 26 projects (3 State-level, 08 Projects, 01 trial production project at Ministerial level, 01 city-level project, 15 Unit-level projects, 3 projects cooperated with other institutions).
- Publishing articles: 40 articles at local and international conferences.


- Mastering advanced technologies (IAD, E-beam evaporation, RF sputtering, Vacuum Arc etc.) in producing optical thin film with a number of products serving national security, defense and industry(broadband reflection reduction film for visible and infrared zone, laser mirror, multi-layer interference filter glass, medical cool mirror, etc.). Some technologies from research topics have been handed over to Defense sector.
- Being the national first institution to master online transmitting - printing technology, connecting Hanoi with other provinces in publishing journals for the purpose of propaganda and training.
- The Center has mastered manufacturing technologies for TiN, TiC, TiCN, ZrN thin films by PVD method.
- Training students for top universities in Hanoi
- Improving, manufacturing new dozens of specialized sub-infrared optic-television system for  antiaircraft rocket’s material innovation based on infrared and optical technology and engineering; Manufacturing and supplying automatic equipment tracking motion objects for rocket’s material, contributing to improve the quality and capabilities of combat readiness and weapons;
-  Manufacturing and supplying optoelectronics equipments such as: shooting equipment for training, armored-tank training equipment, specialized observation systems, etc. serving for soldier training and high-achievement sports for infantry units, armored tanks, ground gun, individual shooting, schools, etc.



- Research Institutes, Hanoi University of Science and Technology ,Vietnam National University, Defense factory.
- National enterprise, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
- National Taiwan University, National Taipei University of Technology
-VTD Vakuumtechnik Dresden GmbH Company (Federal Republic of Germany)


Address: C6 Building, Thanh Xuan Bac Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi.
Tel: 04-38549425  -  Fax: 04-38548187
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